Here you will find some references, case studies and success stories from our installations around the world. On the bottom of this page we uploaded some pdfs with success stories.



  1. We install GHH RAND products on trucks since the 1980’s and we became a certified GHH RAND partner in 1996. Our choice to be a GHH RAND partner is linked to their comprehensive partner network organization, reliability of their products and the quality of the whole range. We are 100% satisfied with CG80 and CS80, no warranty issues, even if the product works under hard conditions close to the Atlantic sea coast.”
    [Annick Bauducel, GHH RAND product and sales manager at Garage Croix de Bretagne]
  2. „Since many years we almost exclusively utilize GHH RAND compressors for the unloading of our 50 trucks fleet. Like in other businesses time is a big factor also in the dry bulk market. Hence fast unloading cycles have highest priorities. We need to trust 100% in our equipment for our daily workload. That’s why we decided to go with GHH RAND compressors – for example the CG600 standard package with its CG80 compressor airend. Next to its performance also noise levels, weight and ease of use are just right!“ 
    [Hubert Landwehr, GF bei Gerdes + Landwehr GmbH & Co. KG]


  3. “For more than 30 years we’ve trusted in the reliable screw compressor airends made by GHH RAND that provide our mobile drilling rigs with high quality compressed air. Best-in-class service, minimum downtime and extended operation are important criteria when it comes to our component suppliers.“
    [Frit z Krobath, TM Bohrtechnik, Austria]

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