1952 – First oil-free screw compressor stage.
1953 – First two stage oil-free industrial compressor module
1958 – Oil-free SILU prototype
1967 – SILU truck mount with auxiliary drive

1972 – SILU Aggregate for Truck Mounting
1979 – Supply and License agreement between Ingersoll-Rand and GHH
1984 – Design of 2 stage Oil-free CD block
1994 – Ingersoll-Rand joins MAN GHH in joint venture to form GHH RAND
1997 – Development and Implementation of UltraCoating on all oil-free airends
1998 – GHH Rand becomes full subsidiary of Ingersoll-Rand
2002 – GHH RAND celebrates its 50th Anniversary in the oil-free rotary screw industry
2005 – New OS Series of oil-injected screw airends
2009 - GHH RAND introduces new products for the liquid road tanker market: First product launched is SV120, a sliding vane compressor
2010 – 2 pump models complete the road tanker portfolio: ICP and IHP series for discharging cargo/chemicals and hygienic liquids